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The hardware cycle


Dear backers,

We’re actively pursuing the journey with fresh PCBs incoming soon. We’re expecting these new boards to be the ones we could basically start pre-production with.

Check out below for more details.



Alright, so we fine-tuned the PCBs as hell this early January to make sure they would work out great. Doing this process made us realize that the battery management has been put aside because we were almost exclusively focused on getting the connectivity right.

One of the prototypes we assembled in January.

While learning valuable lessons during this specific process, we figured out that firmware adjustments were needed for the battery to perform at the desired level. With this kind of project complexity, when you play with the firmware, you need to adjust the electronic design as well.

Therefore, a new electronic design (release V7) needed to be done so we could have a new batch of PCBs that will manage battery life efficiently. 

Why so long? Let me explain below how the electronic hardware cycle works so you can better understand how we are operating and that a new iteration just can’t happen overnight.



Once we figure that our electronic needs modification (ex: battery not performing as expected), here’s a typical timeline for a hardware high-tech company:

  1. Review the functionalities of the relevant components (2-10 days)
  2. Make new schematics (1-2 days)
  3. Make the design modifications on a new source file (4-8 days)
  4. Manufacture the new PCBs (6-12 days)
  5. Machine assembly on the new PCBs (5-10 days)
  6. Testing the PCBs (3-7 days)

Please note that this timeline is relevant to our context and other hardware companies might face shorter or longer timelines for each step. You can notice our cycle is at least 3 weeks and can go up to 6 weeks. Going local helps reduce delays but as we tried the local route last year and we realized the hard way manufactures here don’t have the required skills and equipment to do our advanced PCBs.

Right now, we’re at step 4. That means we should receive the new PCBs shortly.

For the more curious people, here’s an interesting article on the challenges of building high-tech startups.



Still in the process of making a great retail package and here’s a sample of our latest design:

Again, the technical staff is definitely not working on marketing or administrative aspect. They’re completely dedicated on developing the technology.


Hey, you might want to check this article made by Dealerscope. I had an interview with them and their article is quite accurate in explaining why we’re experimenting our delays.

We’re making significant progress recently so all point towards that 2018 will our year to deliver the awesome product that you have backed and waited so patiently for.


Thanks for your huge patience.

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