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Size matters

Dear backers,

This is Chris, Chief Nerd at Phazon. I apologize for this X-rated headline, but it felt appropriate in the circumstances.

Check out why below.


So in the last update, we mentioned we would most likely begin to ship the product at the end of January.

This schedule is still accurate at the moment.

We’ll be finalizing what we believe is the final electronic circuit board this week. I’d love to share with you the photos of the electronic design: it’s so revolutionary, it feels it’s coming straight from the future (no kidding). Unfortunately, we know copycats are following us, so we’re trying to share technical details… but not too much!



We mentioned quite a few times this product was hard to make.

It comes down to these two points:

Size matters extremely. When the engineers talk to the industrial designers about the electronic design, they’re not talking in millimeters, but rather in micrometers (0.001 millimeter). Space is such a precious commodity in our project as components are extremely compacted into the earbuds.

I’m seeing new wireless products coming out and they look soooo big. I can’t imagine someone wearing them and think that they’ll look nice/comfortable. Question is: do you really want to look like a colossal dork when wearing them? We feel it’s a huge no.

Connectivity is another big concern. Early 2016 was the first year when consumers could really experience truly wireless earbuds. The first ones that were shipped – shipped out too fast. Bluetooth connectivity was not working great. In fact, you would experience breakouts constantly. Placing the antenna on the board is extremely hard and highly technical. While the placement is a major constraint, there are many other constraints to consider for connectivity. The way we’re designing the electronic circuit is something that has never been done in the past and we trust it will set new standards.

Yeah, we could have shipped earlier, but at what cost? Spending your hard earned money into a sh*tty product is not what we aimed for.

Oh and by the way, Apple announced their own wireless earbuds in September. We’re glad to see their design is not targeting active people. Well, those zillion dollar guys just announced a delay for their wireless earbuds, without providing a timeline. When we say it’s hard to make, we clearly mean it 😉



Right here.


Thanks for super support and patience!


PS: Happy Halloween!

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