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Report on the connectivity (major milestone)


Hey backers,

The antenna expert we hired about 2 months ago… well, it’s starting to pay off. His advanced antenna skills combined with Sylvain’s electronic experience makes a powerful technical team in nailing the antenna circuit.

Well, I’m glad to announce the following:

Yesterday, we’ve been able to establish a solid 30 feet distance connectivity, without breakouts (Me & Sylvain) with the left earbud only. We also tried the phone in the back pocket and it’s wonderful thus far. As for me, there was 1 disconnect in 2 minutes and this disconnect lasted just a fraction of a second. I have an average ear size while Sylvain has a much deeper ear, making it more difficult for connectivity. Sylvain tried it too (phone: back pocket) and it was cutting a few times.

Early December, I would say the earbud’s performance was 3\10 and now it’s about 7\10. There is room for improvement. Sylvain and Hoang (the antenna expert) are convinced that both earbuds can work flawlessly, probably in a few weeks.

What’s next?

Sylvain and Hoang need to improve the RF model and the tuning. Also, the tuning on the right earbud is slightly different than on the left earbud. We need to find the right matching recipe for that too. However, we anticipate it’s far less work than the left earbud.

We hope we can have both earbuds working flawlessly by the end of the month. If this happens, then we’ll move into pre-production mode, which requires us to get in Shenzhen.

Overall, this means we had a huge improvement and we hope to be able to give you more good news in the next few weeks!

Oh and Happy New Year guys 🙂

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