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One step closer

Dear backers,

Building a startup with groundbreaking tech is no small feat. There are highs and lows, as you experienced firsthand. Today, I’m glad to announce that we’ve achieved another primordial milestone: perfect connectivity between the 2 earbuds (inside the shells)!

Check out the details below.


Yes, finally, we made it work.
In the last update, we told you guys the fine-tuning was completed. We’ve put the electronics in the earbuds’ plastic shells. Because there was too much manipulation on the circuit, the right earbud failed.

We needed to assemble more circuits to test the whole thing thoroughly (electronics + mechanics). When manually assembling the circuits, things are extremely small (remember the grain of salt picture) so it can easily go south. After a couple of trials and just in time for the update, we finally achieved a full pair of earbuds working very nicely. Be reassured, during production, everything is going to be fully automated. All these manipulation issues arise from the fact that there is no assembly chain yet.

We assemble them manually at the moment for 2 reasons.

  1. Lead time for this prototyping phase is quite shorter (1-2 days instead of 5-7)
  2. Cost effective (our own labor vs 3-4k)

So what exactly did we achieve?
A complete Bluetooth connection between the two earbuds for a full 8 minutes (then the battery died). Don’t worry about the battery time. It could have lasted a lot longer, we just played a lot with it, draining the battery super rapidly. We also got to a distance of 10 feet between the earbuds and the smartphone for this perfect connectivity.

Can we improve?
Sure can! The Bluetooth limit is about 100 feet. Sylvain identified a few improvements to the PCB so we could get to that limit. We’re getting new PCBs next week to test it out.

We’ll show you a video of the connectivity shortly 😉


We told you guys the earbuds are going to be waterproof since the beginning and we want to make sure we keep our word.

Here’s a short video of the improvements we made concerning the waterproof aspect.

As you can see in the video, we rapidly went from a somewhat waterproof earbud to a fully waterproof. Through constant communication with our manufacturer, we were able to implement these improvements super rapidly. We feel that partnership will keep on creating quick and reliable results.


I promised I would get to the bottom of this. I found the guy responsible for all of this. His name is Lucas Sergio (probably a fake name) and he lives in Latvia. He sells all kind of email lists, including Indiegogo or Kickstarter projects. Unfortunately, prosecution to this guy is kind of impossible since we don’t really know his identity. I have advised Indiegogo of this situation, so they can investigate on their side.

Again we apologize for this unfortunate event. Let me reiterate that we take your privacy very seriously. It seems this guy might have hacked the major crowdfunding platforms, or got access to some people there. We can’t be sure of that.


There were small color imperfections on the earbuds we showed you in the previous survey. We can’t accept those imperfections in the final product, so we switched to a new coloring method. Instead of actually being painted, the plastic resin itself will be colored.

What’s the benefit for you? Well, if you drop them hard and there is a scratch, that scratch will be the same color as the rest. Not a big thing of course, but it’s the kind of details you might appreciate someday 😉


Cheers guys,


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