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Microphone & shipping status (PART 1/2)

Buenas tardes!

Hope you’re enjoying la pura vida so far. At Phazon, we’re dedicated to ship a truly outstanding product – this is our credo.

Here’s now the long awaited update!


So initially, we did not want to implement a microphone for 3 reasons:

  1. We thought it would take way too much space in the earbuds
  2. Voice sound quality would be crappy since the mic is far from the mouth
  3. It did not felt as an essential component of the earbuds

After the live campaign was over, we were still reluctant. We did a lot more investigation to find out the followings:

  1. Adding a microphone or not would change nothing to earbuds available space (thanks to our crazy talented senior engineer)
  2. The first microphones we tested were really bad in sound quality. New and smaller mics became available. The sound was pretty good. It’s still not as good as a mic right to your mouth, but yet really good.
  3. We feel the microphone is still not essential for us but it can be really handy in some situations. It’s just like the waterproof feature, most of us probably won’t use it but can be very practical sometimes.


That’s the reasons why we’re now adding a microphone to the earbuds – FREE to all backers.


So, how this will impact shipping?


In full honesty, we were a bit behind in our shipping schedule. The antenna location & design is a crucial part to have reliable Bluetooth connection. We changed it and we’re now extremely satisfied with the current results.

In contrast, the addition of mic took less time than we anticipated.

So the 1-2 months we told you still hold true.

Our team had a good discussion and here’s the updated shipping schedule:



Hiccups sometimes happen when you initially set up your supply chain. While we’re securing highly reliable partners, we need to anticipate those hiccups. It can be something such as ordering a mold and it’s not exactly what you asked for.

We are limited to 2,500 characters when doing an update, so please check out the 2nd part of this update in your inbox (spoiler: cool earbuds photos coming up).

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