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Expected & Unexpected

Hey backers!

It’s common that in startups – as in life – to have things that work like planned and others that are bumps on the road. Fortunately, we prepared accordingly for those bumps.

We resume the whole month in here:



We went quite in details in the video of what happened last month. To sum it up:

  1. Plastic parts received: almost ready for pre-production. The manufacturer actually hand delivered us the parts.
  2. Battery consumption tested: work as expected 🙂
  3. Fine-tuning of the PCBs: expected and unexpected stuff, see below

The PCbs were fine tuned at its finest, -40dbs (scientific measure for the radio frequency -“Bluetooth”- performance). So that was expected of Sylvain’s skills. Any specialist will tell you that those results are outstanding. However, the manufacturer forgot to make the correct antenna circuit adjustment (we discovered that a bit later on). They openly admitted their mistake once investigated.

Fortunately, we planned a backup plan with another supplier and the results look good so far. Let’s see if Sylvain & Cedric can get the earbuds to work great (as we previously did).



What is this new thing?

It’s essentially a way for backers to dig more stuff about us on the tech development. This will allow a lot more transparency. It could also allow to bring in more trust into the project. Backers are golden to us so anything that can help communication, we’re open trying it.

A short meeting (physically, phone or video conference) with this committee shall be held once a month. Backers ask questions to the team and we respond accordingly. Great things could come out from those meetings.

Here’s the form:

Look, some people don’t care at all of our explanations, they just want the product in their hands. We get that. However, some people do care to know more. At the end of the day, we all want progress, results and ultimately the earbuds in our hands.


Let’s do this together.


Chris & the Phazon team

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