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Bonjour backers!

It’s been 1 month since we finished our campaign. You can be sure we’re running full steam ahead to get you guys an amazing product.

Check out below a summary of what happened within our first month.

But first, here’s a big thank you video!



Nailing the foundation

We had functional prototypes when launching the campaign, but we needed to refine them. The following questions needed to be addressed ASAP:

As a matter of a fact, our most critical components: the Bluetooth chip, the battery and the speaker are renowned for being the best in the world.


Because we have a highly talented team, our product is developing at a rapid pace, so we believe we can ship it in time at this point.




One of the most challenging factors in a startup like us is financial. When you received a bunch of money, you can be tempted to spend it easily. Thanks to our CEO, who has experience in accounting, every pennies count. We’re going as lean as possible. We haven’t hired new employees and we did not even celebrate our successful campaign…! We’re too busy shipping you guys an outstanding product as early as possible.



Color selection

We know you guys impatiently wait for the color selection.


As you might know, we are not supposed to go with the sunset color since we have not reached the $1,5M stretch goal while the campaign was live. We’ve been so close in reaching that amount. A lot of backers still requested this cool color.


Well, we heard you… and we want to spoil you 🙂

The main reason we don’t ask your color selection now is that we’re trying to include the sunset color into the manufacturing process. This may take some time to get the process figured out while being affordable.


At this point, don’t expect the sunset color to be available, but let’s say we’re working hard to make it happen.




We promised you guys t-shirts giveaways. We have not yet decided how we’re going to proceed with the giveaways, but we would like your input on the designs. Please click on the link here for a short survey:



Will you change address before we ship?

No problem! You can update your address anytime on your Indiegogo profile.

Before we ship, we’ll remind every backers to update their address.



— The Phazon team


P.S. As we mentioned, we’ll keep you informed of the developments on a monthly basis.

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