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Bluetooth distance doubled

Dear backers,

We’re proud to announce that we achieved a significant improvement to the earbuds. We doubled the Bluetooth distance between the smartphone and the earbuds.

Check out the details below.



In the last update, we mentioned that we were able to get a perfect Bluetooth connectivity for a distance of 10 feet. That is quite convenient for most of the tasks performed. However, we all want as much freedom as possible, so we’re still improving this.

Our goal is to make it work to the Bluetooth specifications limit, that is 30 feet in a standard everyday environment. The theoretical limit could be up to 100 feet, which would be performed in an open space, such as a park or a football field.

About 2 weeks ago, we sent a slightly modified antenna redesign to our local PCB manufacturer. Once again, the PCBs we received were not exactly following the design we had provided. After a deep discussion with the local PCB manufacturer, we were able to understand why they were tweaking our design, while they became fully aware of the minimal engineering leeway they had for this to work. As a result, we recently received the best PCBs we ever got and we have been able to 2x the distance of that perfect connectivity, which is now at 20 feet.

Again, our master wizard Sylvain thought of new ways to improve the connection. In simple terms, we still need to make minor adjustments to the antenna, but those specific adjustments can only be tested if the electronic components are manipulated while they are all in the earbuds’ shells. This requires surgical precision that only a fellow surgeon can do. Fortunately, Sylvain was born with hands like these 🙂

After these adjustments, we should enter soon in pre-production mode.

You guys want a shipping estimate, I understand this. I will provide you with one once I feel it’s reliable enough. In the past, we provided rough estimates and it backfired. This time, I don’t want to mess up. When we’ll get to the final prototype, a reliable timeline will be provided.



Like you, we see more & more truly wireless earbuds coming out. Of course, we want to be in the marketplace asap. But what happens when you want to establish a brand and you’re shipping a flawed product? A review like this one comes up. In short, shipping a subpar product just because you’re anxious to ship to your backers and customers can (and will) destroy a brand and leave everyone unhappy.

I’m not saying you guys are too impatient. You’re certainly in your right to be frustrated, considering our delays. However, shipping a bad product will be far worst than the delays.

Shipping a truly wireless earbud is kind of easy. Shipping a small truly wireless earbud that works great is extremely hard. It’s no wonder I keep saying the vast majority of truly wireless earbuds out there have connection issues. If not, they’re pretty big in the ear and therefore have a fit problem.

I also want to reiterate that based on our current BOM (Bill of materials), we have enough cashflow to ship and be there for you for a good while.


A backer named Niklas asked us if we could provide a white charger instead of a black one. We did the exercise and we’re not sure yet because both are quite good looking!

Give us your input on our Instagram account!


For our next update, you shall expect the following:

  1. Results of the adjustments concerning the antenna in the shells
  2. White-Black survey results
  3. Phazon action shots video


Love you guys,




P.S. Thanks to Man Fong for sharing the review video

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