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1st batch of pre-production prototypes sent


Hi everyone,


Following on the building of pre-production prototypes, the first batch got shipped. It’s very long to manually assemble from scratch, programmed and then packaged in the earbuds and chargers. 


At this moment, the 1st batch is currently in transit so we are awaiting for their input. We appreciate everyone submitting their application, there was a ton of requests.

This whole earbuds’ assembly process has such an extremely low tolerance. A component installed a few microns too far on the circuit board can easily derail the whole electronics. Be reassured, when the automatic assembly kicks in with our manufacturer, the success rate will be much higher.


Firmware adjustments

Besides the whole assembly process, we noticed significant needed firmware improvements. 

For example, the master earbud right now is the left, as it was by default. Since 90% of people are right-handed, it only makes sense to put the right earbud as the master.

The whole pairing sequence was quite confusing and hard to do for a first time user. Since we are using a magnet sensor, it adds complexity to the pairing. We simplified the sequence for the 2nd batch.


Nonetheless, the 1st batch is pretty good, you can actually have a look at them here as an instruction video for pairing.

The earbuds are working well, both indoors & outdoors. However, when you are outdoors, the phone has to be on the same body side as the master earbud. If not, there will be connection issues. This was already mentioned in previous updates.


Mold modifications

Our manufacturer reviewed our molds’ modifications requests. 

The earbuds’ mold needs relatively simple adjustments but charger mold needs to be completely redone. 

They are currently working on it. We’ll get the source files soon so we can test them with our 3D printers.


What’s next?

If the 3D files are working as expected, the mold modifications will take place, quickly followed by the pre-production itself.

If you are still hanging around, that’s awesome. I’m providing a sweet bonus animation here, hope you like it!

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