The Phazon Team

Chris Houle, Chief Nerd

Former pro football athlete.

Uses his Phazon in the gym, on the
treadmill and in the pool.

Fred Besner, Electronics Master

Launched a rocket in the stratosphere.

Phazon accompanies him on the
basketball court and the frisbee field.

Sylvain Savard, Wireless Veteran

Doing audio since the 8-track era.

Brings Phazons while walking and
hiking near his home.

Alex Lajoie, Industrial Magician

Owns more Play-Doh than a daycare.

Sporting his Phazons through all his
mind-blowing yoga poses.

Max Vignola, 3D Geek

Sometimes dreams in 2D​.

Rides his bike through the city traffic
with his Phazons on.

Marty Roldan, Growth Guru

Ultra-marathon runner.​

Wears his Phazons for long runs on
the trails and on the roads.