May 16

Fine-tuning & components

Hola Backers, This update will mostly focus on the fine-tuning of the earbuds and how things are getting along. DEVELOPMENT STATUS Sylvain and the tech team are making steady progress with the fine-tuning of the antenna, using a variety of tools and resources, among them: A mathematical formula borrowed from the mining industry to get […]..Read more

Apr 30

Valuable ressources

  Hey backers, We’ve got big pressure from everywhere to ship those sweet earbuds as fast as possible. Would it be awesome to enjoy them for this upcoming summer? Hell yeah! That’s why we’re maximizing everything we got to fix the antenna challenge.   DEVELOPMENT STATUS You guys have been tremendously patient and that’s why […]..Read more

Apr 15

Earbuds’ final dimensions + location app

Hey backers, For most of you, spring is right around the corner with its beautiful sunshine. It certainly feels good. The other thing looking good is how the Phazon earbuds are coming to fruition. DEVELOPMENT STATUS We’re glad to announce the final dimensions of the earbuds. We’ve been tweaking with it for a while to […]..Read more

Apr 01

The final laps

Hi Backers, I’m sure you guys know that some companies jumped into the true wireless bandwagon. Some even launched a product on the market but failed to provide the reliability and quality we all crave for. We know, we tested them all. Others are still banging their heads in labs. Our super smart lead engineer, […]..Read more

Mar 15

Getting realllllllly close

Hello Backers, Let’s start with really interesting topics, we have 2 good news to announce! – The charging case is upgraded to offer 4 full extra charges for the earbuds – Volume control is now enabled on the earbuds..Read more

Feb 28

Making great strides

Hello backers, Oddly enough, we did NOT announce a delay in the last update, but some of you reacted as if it was a delay. This probably happened because we apologized for the ones we had before...Read more

Feb 15

Charging case + earbuds electronic design

Dear backers, There are things we regret and others we don’t. We spent a lot of time working with Canadian manufacturers because it was important for us to build the earbuds in our own country. These partners did their best, but at some point we realized they just wouldn’t get us to production. Reliability and […]..Read more

Jan 30

A risky bet paying off

Hey backers, It’s me, Chris, your chief nerd writing here. The last update was hard to write but we’re fortunate to have great backers that support our journey, we can’t thank you guys enough! SHIPPING STATUS So as scheduled, the tech team is currently in Shenzhen, China. It’s not an ideal timing in China: it is […]..Read more

Jan 15

Implementing drastic measures

Dear backers, Our main focus since the beginning has been to deliver a superior product as rapidly as possible. The rapid part hasn’t been a success so far. We found a way to accelerate...Read more

Dec 30

beta testers

Hey backers, Again, lots of stuff to tell you about, especially that we’re in a big crunch time period. We also included a little educational piece at the end. SHIPPING STATUS This December month was just totally insane on the technical side. We even surpassed the straight 18 hours workday. Because we wanted to be […]..Read more

Dec 15

Final prototype

Hey guys, A tremendous amount of time was spent into the final prototypes so we can be ready for the beta testers. Let’s dig down below!..Read more

Nov 30

Making the way

Hey guys, A lot of things happened recently… must_reduce_wording to include them all...Read more

Nov 15

Let’s do this

Oh boy, So much to say, the 2,500 characters update limit is killing us! Let’s jump in asap...Read more

Oct 30

Size matters

Dear backers, This is Chris, Chief Nerd at Phazon. I apologize for this X-rated headline, but it felt appropriate in the circumstances. Check out why below...Read more

Oct 15

Microphone & shipping status (PART 2/2)

MICROPHONE & SHIPPING STATUS (continued) Some of you requested to have the earbuds without a mic earlier. We had discussions with our manufacturer and having 2 different lines of the product is cost prohibitive at this point. Hey, we clearly understand it can be frustrating to have another delay...Read more

Sep 30

Microphone & shipping status (PART 1/2)

Buenas tardes! Hope you’re enjoying la pura vida so far. At Phazon, we’re dedicated to ship a truly outstanding product – this is our credo. Here’s now the long awaited update!..Read more

Sep 15

Small & Focus

Saluton! (Hello in Esperanto) We can see & feel you have high expectations for our product. It’s okay, we want to make it truly awesome too! We’re quite a small team – only 5 working full time right now. We’re small, yes, but super talented and incredibly focused, working around 80h/week. We plan to hire […]..Read more

Aug 30


Bon matin backers!   Last 2 weeks were pretty intense, so hold tight!..Read more

Aug 15

Assembler + survey

Bonsoir backers! As promised, we made a short video showing you the miniature working prototypes. Here it goes! (Definitely important to see)..Read more

Jul 30

No kidding – part Deux

Hallo backers, We stopped videos with cool intros for a while. We’re gladly showing you a new one. Thanks to Edge Dimension for their incredible 3D rendering in the intro and Otakus & Geeks for the interview at the CE Week...Read more